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JSCalculator is a calculator app for iPhone and iPod touch which also works on the iPad.

Instead of imitating the electronic calculators of old, as is often done, JSCalculator harnesses the power of JavaScript to provide a lot of flexibility in formula entry.

Yes, it doesn’t have a button named “enter” or “=” that has the purpose to execute a calculation and deliver a result. JSCalculator always evaluates whatever you enter. If it can make sense of it, it puts up a green light in its top-left corner and provides a result. If it can’t make sense of it, then there will be an orange or red light there. Just type away and see the result.

You’ll notice that there is however a button labeled “=” on the keyboard. This is not for executing calculations. It is used for assigning a value to a variable! A variable that you can then use in subsequent calculations separated by a “;”. There are also two predefined variables that you can use, and whose value you can edit directly on JSCalculator’s keyboard. They are called “a” and “b”...

In addition, there are separate keyboards for predefined functions (all those you find in Java Script plus some additional ones) and for the constants of nature.

Finally, a big friendly “T” button in the top-right corner let’s you go back to the standard keyboard if you want to enter some special text.

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